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Eco Friendly!

We offer eco-friendly options like recycled paper and vegetable based inks to reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

With digital proofs and a paper-reduced design process, we aim not only to help you, but the environment as well.

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Studio Spryte offers a wide range of services aimed at giving your business a comprehensive solution. With only one company to deal with, you can be assured that your new business' identity will be consistent throughout all media. Below are the details of the major services we have available to you.

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Design Services
Our saavy design centre works with you to create a coherent business identity for your company, including websites, business cards, posters, in-store signage and more. Your identity is how your customers will remember you! Make sure your business identity represents the quality of products and services that you known for.


Studio Spryte's visionary photographers work on site or off to produce professional stock, promotional, and product photography.


The Studio Spryte writing team is a dynamic mix of copywriters, editors and published authors who bring their way with words to your advertising materials, newsletters and press releases.